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    * I need MANY partners.

    My web calendar application for clubs, associations, churches etc. has been up for about 2 weeks and has been moderately successful so far.

    Now I need to kick it up a notch. My plan is to partner with web hosting providers and resellers to sell the service as a value add to their clients.

    1. Short of just trawling the web, how do I locate the hosting providers and resellers.

    2. What would be my best bet approach to them. I plan on paying them so should I emphesise that or the convenience to their clients aspect.

    People's experiences at doing this, pros/cons would be welcome.

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    * I need MANY partners.

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    Hmm this is very interesting. What you should do is make it so that it can be also loaded into a PDA and then you will be going. As for partners i would say just ask around in here.

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    Peter, two gentle reminders:

    1) Don't cross post your topic. You end up dividing the discussion, not to mention the fact that it is disrespectful to this community. (by spamming multiple forums).

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    2) Read the forum rules, and, if you are seeking for a partner, post in the ad forum.

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    I need MANY partners.

    Be careful especally around here.. thats the easiest way to get and STD

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    I know, exact thing I was thinking about - oh the good old days when a little antibiotic was all you needed to clear that up.


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