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    Interesting reading on

    I know this article is over a month old, but I came across it cleaning out my mailbox and though it to be funny. Basically they highlight"
    As consumers become more web savvy they realize that there is absolutely no reason to pay $35 for a one year registration of a domain name when scores of other registrars sell them for under $10.

    I just thought it funny how it was worded. The Worst Business On The Internet?

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    Gee...i wonder why nobody buys from them. I mean 8.88 for a domain or 35?

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    i have to say i bought one domain from them ya ya i got smart wont do it again. the first domain i bought was form and at the time i was a total noob and thought it would work with my server. well i register'ed it called them like 2 days later and asked them how i would set it up for my host. and they said i had ot use them as a host no way around it. what a waste.
    -Robert Norton

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