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    ensim webppliance -- what does it cost?

    im interested in the webppliance from ensim...

    especially in this stuff, which enables me to give away Virtual Private Servers.

    anybody an idea where to get that software for free (for testing purposes only) ?

    and anybody an idea what it costs ?


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    Why not do the obvious and go to and click on the relevant section?

    The online store has pricing details and there is a demo you can download...



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    The standalone version of ensim doesn't support virtual private server, only the serverXchange version does. (and it is a lot more expensive).

    Like Mellowman said, there is a trial/demo version available on ensim's site.


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    OT: fotzenkaiser, you are a happy guy that most people here don't know German and therefore don't know what your username means....

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  6. Post $119?

    I think I read in another thread on this site that it was being offered for $119 through a reseller. I didn't know Ensim HAD resellers, but that certainly caught my attention.

    The reseller is, but I haven't contacted them yet.

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    I take it that fotzenkaiser is a swear, eh? None of the translators are working for me with it.


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