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    VPS with free trial.

    Would you like to benefit from the entire range of possibilities offered by a dedicated server without investing in the equipment?
    Would you prefer a first-class expert to assist you in installing it?
    No problems!
    All you need is to order a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) from us, which will enable you to become an owner of a fully operational UNIX server for only 48 $/month.

    What about helping your friends and customers in getting a similar one? Easy.
    Just get connected to our VDS reselling program. Your Virtual Dedicated Server is readily transformable into a Reseller Server which means that, within your share of the disk space, you are able to open - for a very small fee - another autonomous VDS operating with any set of parameters. Equally easy to acquire is an extra disk space, which would not affect your VDS performance or settings in any ways.
    And now, you have the possibility to open a VDS for a period of 10 days for free of charge!!!
    Just follow this link

    All plans includes:
    Root access to the shell
    Your own personal IP address
    Unlimited number of E-mail, FTP accounts, TELNET access
    Unlimited number of E-mail aliases and automatic replies
    Unlimited number of mailing lists
    Anti-spamming database
    New!!!Secure (SSL/TLS) pop3 email sessions
    Access to the configuration files
    Programming C, C++, sh, Perl, JSP
    Traffic analyzing monitoring
    PHP 4
    Management of your DNS on your Virtual Server
    MySQL server
    FrontPage 2002 extensions
    Password-protected directories
    Hit statistics
    Secure Web Server (SSL)
    WAP ready
    Anti-virus protection
    And many more...

    VDS 300
    - 300 MB disk space
    - Host up to 10 site
    -12 GB data transfer
    only 48 $/month No setup fee

    VDS 500
    - 500 MB disk space
    - Host up to 20 site
    -20 GB data transfer
    only 72 $/month No setup fee

    VDS 1000
    - 1000 MB disk space
    - Host up to 50 site
    -40 GB data transfer
    only 120 $/month No setup fee

    VDS 2000
    - 2000 MB disk space
    - Host up to 100 site
    -60 GB data transfer
    only 192 $/month No setup fee

    Signup Now !
    We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

    Data center at the leading edge of technology. You can test connective with ip
    Monitoring & maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    We provide true 24*7 qualitative technical support.
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    Do you allow irc?

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    3,100 is closed for reconstruction for about 2 hours

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    Sorry. Please check now

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