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    anime freak needs a site check

    please tell me what you like and don't like from my site:

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    Lose the pop-ups.

    The splash page looks good. The main section I would work on a bit. The top mimics the splash but seems too busy. Too much going on with the animations. Simplify a bit, make things more subtle. Also, the top is very detailed, but then the bottom section with the detail is very plain. The information doesn't seem formatted in any way, text thrown here and there with ads. It loses appeal after the splash page.
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    I believe the pop-up is from the ******** redirection service. You do know that there are other redirection services (free) that don't force you to display pop-up ads.

    I agree with AboveCenter, there's too much action on the Flash (although, it's really well designed).

    It also seems like the 'MAIN' header is cut off horizontally.

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    yup... the redirection is killing me... i cannot access my domain's account coz the guy who registered the account for me haven't given me the account details so i cannot change the redirection...

    fanx for your comments, i am going to work on the info part for sure...

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    1) I hate pop-up sites... such a waste

    2) the graphics in the header are very, very nice

    3) I don't really like when my mouse arrow turns into other little symbols and objects... but that might just be me

    overall, its good.
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    ye like i said, i can't fix up the redirection... i am on .com but the guy who registered the domain for me forgot to give me username and password to access the domain... so is stuck with redirecting to .******** (which has a banner).

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