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    AVS and your merchant account

    Just curious...

    Anyone here been asked by their merchant account bank to enable address & zip code AVS (address verification) on their terminal?

    I did fully verify new orders manually, but since our current billing system provider only submitted the zip code, we did not enable AVS for more than just the zip code for the recurring transactions.

    Now, they are telling me they require address and zip code on every transaction from now on.

    Then today I got a letter from Discover Card saying they are going to require it on all transactions beginning in November as well.

    Just a quick warning if you are not using AVS for Address & Zip code you probably will need to soon.

    I asked my billing software provider and they should be adding this capability this week (I hope).

    Anyone else noticing the increased requirements?

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    i think its a requirement by many many merchants, as is CVV as well. U better watch out, some merchants will charge you extra if you DONT use AVS / CVV

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    This is a real pain in the a$$ for those of us not located in the USA.

    For example...I can not register a domain name with godaddy or because in Ireland we do not have zip codes.

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    The Visa/MC merchant account people told me that countries that do not yet support the AVS or have Zip codes are not a problem as that will generate a different response code so I can do those . I have many cards overseas that we charge which do not have zip codes and/or their bank does not support AVS... they told me that is not a problem, just the ones who do support AVS must match.

    I already require CVV2 on all new accounts and manually run them thru Authorizenet for their first payment just to verify everything. Of course, CVV2 is not yet available in many countries, but is supposed to be soon.

    ... and you are right Gary, they do charge a higher % for the ones which are not. They rate them low, medium and high risk on my statement.

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    I got that letter from Discover the other day too! Reading through, I can see about $1.50 in 'error' fees for not providing AVS CVV2 and a bunch of other stuff. It just makes me so mad, I mean... if the charge is fraudulent, I'm the one that will have to pay for it, and when you account for the chargeback fee, I obviously have a darn good reason for eliminating as many fraudulent charges as possible.

    One other thing - since it is apparently illegal to store CVV2 numbers in any fashion, how in the heck am I going to provide the CVV2 value for every recurring transaction? Or, I just don't submit it and get charged the extra 50 cents every time, even though the transaction really is of no higher risk... ???

    50 cents by itself does not really seem like an incredible amount of money... but when you consider that you will be charged this for every recurring transaction for every one of your clients, you can see how this would add up quickly.

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    People who take Discover will need to make sure their billing software/system is sending AVS with Address & Zip code or they will hit you with penalties.

    I have emailed the Ubersmith folks and hopefully they will get this feature enabled ASAP for me as I cannot auto process payments right now
    They said they are working on it.

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    My merchant told me that i have to use AVS for all transactions not taking place face to face... this pretty much is limiting who I can sell to....
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    just an update.

    Ubersmith added the ability to input address and AVS in the credit card section. (Thanks to Boo and Team for that).

    I am now hoping their is a way to copy all of my current customer's information into those fields (fingers crossed) so I don't have to manually re-enter every client's info again.

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