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    Lightbulb Looking for a support job

    Greetings Everyone

    I am looking forward to offer my service to Web Hosting Company. Currently, I am currently working in a Web Hosting company that of which I do not wish to disclose, doing CPanel related support issue. However, it does not really keep
    me busy, so I guess I am able to earn extra by offering my service by working in another company I have seeked approval of the Web Hosting Company of allowing me to earn extra by offering my service to other company. I am willingly to do forum or ticket support or both (CPanel support related issue)

    Personal Information:
    I am 17 this year and currently in my high school. I have established good relations with my peers with my communcation. With this required skill in the Web Hosting industry, I believe that I am able to sustain and enhance the relations between the customers and company. As a peer leader in my group (school's project), should there be doubts about my skill and communication, I will prove my potential to the group and communicate well with each other to strengthen the bond.

    Required skills:

    - Good Public Relations/Communication
    I had attended courses (related) which was organised by my school. Out from all these, I had gained meaningful experience and knowledge. There maybe a difference between PR skill in the school and in the business world, but I am able to improvise of what I have learnt and put a thought in the business' point of view, and apply to it.

    - 1 Year of experience in CPanel
    I picked up the knowledge from the support of a Web Hosting Company. To have the knowledge of it, I bought myself a Web Hosting plan from a company. If there was any stuff I did not understand, I would simply click on the live chat and had the staff to help me. From there, I gained the knowledge of CPanel.

    - Able to provide a detailed response or answer to the customers' questions
    I will ensure the customers will receive their answer in a professional and in an understanding manner. It will be a detailed answer, depending on the question that is asked.

    My looking rates:
    US$0.50 per ticket is what I am looking for From there, you can fare how well my performance is. If you think my performance is above your standard, feel free to increase my rate
    *P/S: I am looking forward to work in an hourly rate in the mid of November. I am looking for weekly payment through paypal

    My Working Hours:
    - From now till mid of November, I am able to provide support from 8am to 11am (US timezone, GMT-8.00), due to exam schedule.
    - After my exam, I will be able to provide support from 12am to 8am for weekdays and 12am to 6am for weekends.

    I am 17 this year, so I am not able to sign any forms that are sent to me. It is invalid for me to sign any form as I am under 18. If there is a need for me to learn required knowledge or skill to get into your support team, I am willing to learn if you are able to provide me the knowledge I am a fast learner too, so I guess it is not a problem for me to take a long time to learn it.

    Please PM me if you are interested in my service or have any enquires on me.

    Thanks for reading

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    I am intrested in your services for my new hosting company, JanusHosting.Com. I can pay you .50 a ticket you answer, but I am new and don't have any customers yet. I will by next month. I have 3 others that are intrested and I am giving them a reseller account. If you want to talk more contact me with AIM DustinInNc.

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    I am spoken for. Thanks for the offer

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