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    Active Directory for Win Server


    I have a running Win 2k Advanced Dedicated Server:

    IIS 5 install
    MS DNS
    Merak Mail
    ..blah blah

    The question is: Should I upgrade to Active Directory? Is it worth the upgrade because I have a working server already.


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    Are you running more than one server and do you need user information propigated to them all? If the answer is no, then I would say DO NOT install AD.

    I always recommend that you not install AD unless you need it, and in hosting 99% of the time you do not.
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    Thanks Mike for your reply. I'm running on one server at this moment.

    BTW, Do you have any personal recommendation of must have programs for Win servers? Thanks

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    I am not a win2k admin, but from what I have read people try to avoid using Active Directory unless they specifically need it and cannot do with any other solution. (I believe there are possibly some security issues with running Active Directory on a webserver... not 100% sure on that one though).

    Anyway, Mike is probably one of the most respected win2k guys on these boards, so definitely go with whatever he says.

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    AD is a pain in the ass. ION myhosting box i avoided it like the plague use Simple DNS and you will be much happier. Its simpler to use and other than the little terminal window tray icon quirk its the perfect quick and dirty solution.

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    It slows down your machine like anything , Eats up ram ,
    Not recommended to use on webhosting server


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