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    dedicated server and reselling

    Well, I was supposed to have started my reselling business a month or two ago.. didn't happen yet. Too much crap going on with my other jobs

    So anyway. Here's the deal. My current website I'm running continues to grow.. quickly. Its on a shared server right now, but pulling close to 18-20 gigs/month in bandwidth. The whole site is pretty much php/MySQL based.. so with more traffic a shared setup probably isn't going to cut it soon.

    So, my plan to help me get my business off the ground was to either co-locate a server or get a dedicated server somewhere. Run my main site from that. So while that is running, I would still have plenty of bandwidth/storage to resell packages on the remaining server. Plus, I already have about 4 people who would be willing to host through me if I do this. So finding clients wouldn't be too hard.

    The dedicated server would come with cpanel/WHM and such, so it wouldn't be too hard to get going I don't think.. but I'm just looking for comments/suggestions about this method? Also, the good part, isi my site now almost generates enough revenue (donations) to pay for the server each month.. but I just know I don't need the full dedicated for it, so why let it go to waste, and since I was going to start a reselling business anyway, this would be a good way to get some clients and get started. Or am I wrong?

    Any helpful advice is welcomed. Thank you!

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    Sounds like a plan to me. Perhaps if you split it 50/50. What I mean is, use 50% of available bandwidth for your big site, that way giving you ample room for sudden growth, and set the remaining 50% aside for reselling. Once filled or close to it, move on to the second server, etc. eventually you will probably transfer your big site to a dedicated anyway, but for now, giving it 50% of available resources gives you the room if you need it in a hurry.

    May not be the best way to do it, and may possibly be a litle bit of overkill for your big site at this stage, but it's what I would do if I was you. Others may have different advice.

    Good luck with it all though

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    Thanks for your response. Yeah, that is the way I see it. I mean if my donations are basically covering the costs for the dedicated server when the site itself doesn't need the full power, why just let it sit there and go to waste? Especially considering I was going to be starting a reselling operation anyway

    BUt you're right, as long as I don't get carried away with the reselling and hurt my original server, it should be a good start to get a small client base started. Thanks.

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