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    CNAME and A record

    I am confused with CANME and A record,

    What is the main diffrence, some time they mix togeter and use it.

    someone help me.


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    My respone few threads below.


    Next time search at google.

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    This is what says about it.... hope it helps....

    What is an "A" record?

    An "A" record, also called an "address" record, ties a domain name to an IP address. If there is a server on the Internet that is configured to handle traffic for this domain, you can enter the name of the domain (like "") and the IP address of the server (like ""), and almost immediately, anyone surfing to that domain connects to the correct server.

    What is a "CNAME" record?

    "CNAME" records, short for "Canonical Name", create an alias from a domain name to another. You could create an alias from "" to "", and every reference to "" would go to the other location, regardless how yahoo changed their IP addresses! Be careful, however; CNAMEs won't work everywhere. If you create an MX record, and the name used for the mail server was defined using a CNAME, you might lose e-mail! - free automatic linking to your website

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