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    * mysql queries and php


    Would like to find out how to code in php for the following.

    I have 2 tables in a database. Table A having all the information on a particular product while table B stores information which is the subset of table A.

    How to do the mysql queries to display all information from Table A but minus of the information from Table B?


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    just select information from table A

    mysql> SELECT * FROM A;
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    Why are two tables storing the same data? If you want to have subsets, it would be a better idea to give each entry a group_id or something similar and you can then get your subsets through "select * from table where group_id = x". Obviously you can come up with more complex solutions for more complex queries, but you shouldn't really be duplicating data across two tables - it makes for slow and awkward queries and makes maintenance harder and slower as well.

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