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    Christian Church/School needs some help

    Hello, the church I attend has started a new mission which is a Christian School. Anyways I had some help with the design layout and may need some future help with the school section of the site. Currently it has the church and the school along with a message board. It all can be seen here:Highland Christian Church Basically I would like to get some opinions and maybe some ideas on the site for change. Also I need some help with the School graphic, which is a chaulkboard. It was created using Firework but I am lost trying to get a hyperlink for the home?? Also the school administrator would like to have a flash intro for the school part with some photos taken of the kids at the school. Will this be heavy on the bandwidth?? Would any one be willing to help me with that, there would be no money involved sorry. It is all non-profit, also what if any is a good news logger so the administrator of the school could place news on the website without having to go through me to upload them? I would love any help you all can provide. This is for a GREAT cause. If you need any more information please let me know. Thanks and look forward to some help.

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    Flash animation are generally small in size, depends on how many color and image in that animation. If there are alot of visitor to the site, it can use up alot of bandwidth. I suggest using skip intro link, since some people prefer quick access to the information. This can cut down the bandwidth usage. There are a few good news posted on the web, NewsPro was a good one, I am not sure if it is even updated anymore but Do check out, and search for news poster.

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    I took a quick lookie-see, and the site isn't bad at all. If you want to make it so the school can make simple changes without having them done by you, I'd look at something like Snippet Master the author is a member here and is real helpful.

    You have files for download on the site, important ones like applications and handbooks; unfortunately, they are all in .doc format. You should really consider creating them as PDF files, so everyone can use them.

    I'd also look for a nice calendar script over at vs having a link of just up coming events.

    As for the Flash, I personally wouldn't bother, unless you were going to create a site for both Flash and html; most people hit the "skip intro" right away.

    Better to use a random pic generator, which would show a different student or falculty member on each page or reload.

    And my last bit of advice, is not to put email address directly on the page. Spam bots love those. Better to use a form, and have it directed to the intended person.

    Just my 2 bits. Hope all goes well.
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