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    One Machine Available

    Hi Guys/Gals,

    We have a system with:
    1GHz PIII (256k cache)- 133MHz FSB
    40.8G Seagate Baracuda HD 7200RPM
    SuperMicro MB - up to 2 CPUs and 4G Ram
    24/7 Reboots
    Unlimited Justified IPs
    99.2% uptime guarantee
    Server located at IDT (nyse: IDT,
    unmanaged - you run it
    no contract

    $99/mo - 65G Bandwidth
    $149/mo - 100G Bandwidth
    $199 - 150G Bandwidth

    Redhat Linux 7.2 with SimpleCP Installed
    Additional BW: $3G

    *note* - mb will only run at 100MHz fsb (even though it is supposed to run at 133) - so it only sees the 1GHz as 750MHz

    Please don't post any comments about the offer in this thread.
    Please PM or email offers.

    Thank you.
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