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    iicinternet any good?

    Still looking for a dedicated after a couple of flameouts on deals I thought I had. These guys (iicinternet) look good on their website and give all the right answers to my questions by phone. Any experiences here? (I see only a couple of negative mentions and no positive in the threads, so its not much to go on.)

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    I haven't really heard of them. Try searching the web hosting directories and look for reviews.
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    I have a friend with a box there it drops all the time. Alot of latency to their network at certian times of the day.

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    1) My server at iicinternet is down for 3rd day already
    2) They don't answer to emails between 10pm-9am

    Not a good choice

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    I started reselling with them several years ago.

    The servers where not bad back then, but the support was terrible. Worst I ever experienced. I had to contact them several times until I got an answer (1 or 2 weeks later). They also had some security issues.

    They now charge 1 $ per account in addition to the monthly charge (if you are interested in reselling - not a good deal).

    If you do a search for them, you might look under iic as well as web229.

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