As a little kick off for the opening of I'm offering the gold special at a reduced rate for the first 3 people that respond in some sort of way.

AIM: smokeythebear108
[email protected]
Or PM me on WHT.

Gold Package:
100 Megs of Space
5 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
1 Hosted Domain Name
3 mySQL Databases
20 Emails
Unlimited Auto Responders
Webalizer Stats
Unlimited Web Users
Frontpage is Supported if requested
Plesk Control Panel

All this for $5 a month.
Note: Also at this time I am only able to accept checks, however a merchant account is being purchased so credit cards will be accepted soon.

**Extra Bandwidth: $2 a Gig
**Extra Disk Space: $5 for 100 Megs
**Extra Emails: 25 for $1
**Extra Databases: $2 for 1
**Extra Domains: $2 per Domain Name

Please do not use the website to signup as the signup form has not been completed at this time.