We have 5 servers with the following specs:

P3 1.3 Ghz
512 RAM
450 GIG Bandwidth
No limit on IPs, according to ARINS usage rules.

Each server can have a choice of Plesk, Ensim, Cpanel or H Sphere installed. Plesk or Ensim would be included in the price. Cpanel/WHM (unlimited license)would be $60 per month. H Sphere can be done either by purchasing licenses for $4 a piece or 50 can be rented for $25 a month.

Price for the server is $200 per month with no setup fee. Add a second hard drive for $25 per month, add another 512 of RAM for $30 a month.

We're anxious to get these servers sold so we will offer $100 off for 6 months of prepayment and $200 off for 12 months of prepayment.

These are not listed on our site currently. Please email me directly at [email protected] or post here if you have any questions. I'm available via Instant Message chat as well. If you would like to order one or more just send an email to [email protected], say you want the WHT special and define which control panel you want and we'll get your contact and payment information then.