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    Logo Request - WPP NETWORKS

    I need a graphical logo design for my soon to be webhosting company - WPP NETWORKS. The domain is WPP.NET and I really do not want the TLD in the logo. I do however, want the NETWORKS part in there. I would PREFER for everything to be in capital letters. The colors I plan to use on my site consist of dark "lime" green/black/grey/medium-lite brown. I plan on using some not all of those colors. Here is what I would like:

    - 1 TEXT design of company name. (IE: eBay, Yahoo, IBM, etc...)
    - 1 GRAPHICAL design that will become associated with company name. I want it to be unique, so that when a customer looks at it they can associate that to my companies name. This means I DO NOT want a design with WPP NETWORKS and a plain(ieerver) picture next to it. Examples of what I'm referring to are those of the big companies: AOL, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc...)

    I would PREFER that you PM or email me your work, as I do not want others to be influenced by what you post and end up having several logos that are similar.

    I am not setting a price for this, you set the price when you send me your work. I feel setting a maximum price sometimes hinders an artists ability. So to be frank, I am ONLY looking for professional designs. Anything less (in my eyes) will be deleted. If I do not respond to your work within 24 hours then that means it did not fit what I was looking for, so please no follow up responses. I will respond to you if I like it, and perhaps give some suggestions as to what I want changed.

    Thank you,

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    Any colour set as a background?

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    Well, for right now use the dark "lime" green background. If I like the logo I'll tell you the correct RGB code to use. I'm away from my home computer right now so I can't post the RGB colors anyway.
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    Do you have a set budget on the logo design?

    The reason why I'm asking is because I usually end up doing a logo design and the client declines since the quote wasn't part of his/her expectations.


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    If I like the design I'll pay for it.
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    Originally posted by flitcher
    If I like the design I'll pay for it.
    Are you serious? If you want to pay what you like, I suggest going to and asking the 16-18 year olds that hang around there. Some of them are good. This seems more along the line of a contest rather than a Logo Request for Quote.

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    Well, its not mean't to be a contest if thats the way its coming across as. By my last post I mean't the price does not matter.

    EDIT: I did not say I'll pay what i like. My post mean't I'll pay what the designer requests.
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    Still there should be something you're aiming at, you know people will spend a day working on it if it's a decent sum and vise versa...
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    Whatever your rates are. But just to get something straight - a 1,000 dollar logo is too much.

    EDIT: Well, like I said before I don't like setting a maximum price, but if I must to see some designs then I would say a maximum of 350.
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    Ok, but it would definately help if we could see your site, also do you want it vector based?

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    Well, herein lies a problem. I haven't designed the website yet. My plans were to shape the site around the logo. And what is a vector based design? Thanks.
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    Well if you'll need something like a big ass reproduction of it like for wallpapers and etc, you need it vector based to be able resize without loss of quality, however designin in vector program is alot harder and it doesnt look as good also it's enough having it big and in high rez to be able to make t-shirts and other promotional stuff...

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    there is 2 kind of graphics.
    just a simple examples:
    vector graphics are made by LINES (mathmatically) as much you stretch it wont loose the quality. (excellent for printing purpose).
    its made by PIXELS (pixels are a small particals) if you try to stretch it will loose the quality caz the pixels will show up (its good until you use it in its original size)
    Hope that clears
    /sorry am not interested in any kind of contests or unknown budget projects no matter you paying 100000000000$$$
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    Here are the RGB colors I've been working with. However, feel free to change them:

    Green: 90CA50 (you can play around with values around it)
    Blue: 1D2D56 (you can play around with values around it)
    Brown: 514637 (you can play around with values around it)

    Also, I'm posting a picture of a "text" based logo I was working on before I gave up. This is not the graphical logo. And BTW, I'm looking for a graphical logo that really stands out. My imagination is really horrible, so use your noggins.

    EDIT: For whatever reason I was not able to upload the image, that command appears to be gone for me in my post options. Mods, did I turn it off or something?
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