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    Get a Web Logo Designed by me

    Hi everyone, I'd like to offer the people at WHT my services. I am able to create a logo for only $20. Heres a few online logo you can see :
    I designed the logo, viewable in the top left corner of their page.
    They requested I designed several drafts for them to choose from. They used their favourite.
    Designed their logo, viewable in the header. A nice, colourful looking logo.

    I have also attached some misc. logo's for you to see. I use paypal for transactions, so if your interested, just PM me with your questions/comments. Thanks
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails logosamples.gif  

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    Some AMAZING talent for $20! Love the KCD one!

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    Very nice work,

    You might want to raise your prices a bit I Am sure you will get the same amount of people. Great talent you have there.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive comments

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    Great work silock! I may have you design a logo for an upcoming project we are doing... I'll keep in touch!

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