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    Question European Reseller Packages?

    Are there any European based hosts offering a reseller package in the same vein as MCHost or Voxtreme, at the same price level?

    I did use WebFusion as a personal host but am in the process of getting out of that!

    Through word of mouth I already have some customers, and want a reliable, functional yet well priced service!

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    Pilgrim, maybe look at which lists many UK based resellers. You should find one there to suit your budget. Also, how much web space/ bandwidth are you looking for?


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    Any reason you require a UK based host as you may be able to get a better deal from US hosts as the UK seems to charge more for bandwidth.

    Just me 2c


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    The reason for the UK is that's where I'm based, and most of my customers will probably be from there (and they seem to like UK hosts?)

    As for space/bw, I wouldn't go for less than 1GB/18GB

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    UK resellers that I've heard good things about are (including ourselves of course lol (I know they have a bad rap on WHT but I've used them in the past and found then great)

    Also, has a UK section with a list of UK resellers - maybe worth a look



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