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    * Happy with hosts...

    Haven't been here for awhile, have been very busy. The hosting problems I had last year are gone, so instead of host hunting I'm able to concentrate on web design.

    Depending on your needs I'd have no qualms about recommending either of these hosts. No I do not work for either company. It just took me forever to find hosts I was happy with and if I can spare someone else that pain, I will.

    For my employer, we had had 5 hosts in 5 years and had a plethera of problems from billing, to downtime, takeovers, unresponsive support, and shutting down an old server before the DNS was pointing to the new server. Aaaargh! We switched to Superb Internet about a year ago and are finally happy with a host. We went with Superb's SPS standard account, which provides more flexibility for our needs. (We have 6 websites.) They are pretty quick with support, but we haven't needed it often. There haven't been any problems with downtime. Superb is working well for us. We'd paid far more and paid far less and not gotten service half as good.

    For some smaller sites that I do freelance, I went with Hosting Matters. Again, very responsive when needed which isn't often. Haven't had downtime. I have a couple other smaller sites that I will probably move there soon.
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    Wow, KG, we thought you went to find a host and ended up a ghost.

    Glad you hooked up with ones you get along with. That seems to be the system that works. Just keep looking until you find the host that's right for you.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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