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    Looking for windows server software

    Hey everyone,

    I been loyal to linux but the pressure to expand into windows (I dislike) has thickend, in fact I will lose a big client if I can't get windows 2000 server on a box in our data center by tommarow.

    Anyone know where to get windows 2000 server software for cheap like today (thursday)

    I think the customer needs my sequel anyone know if it comes with that pre installed?

    Any comments on a first time windows set up for me?

    I appreciate any help here a lot........ :]



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    You could try ringing round some of the resellers in your area, playing one of against the other usually gets the price down

    Let me know if I can help with the installation

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    my sequel i.e mysql,

    It's free to download the Windows version from (I think the URL is?)

    Once you get your server installed, you need to install terminal services or some other remote desktop software (or I guess you could work on it directly). MySQL can be installed just by running the EXE like installing anything on your regular windows PC, you may need to change some settings mind.

    The only real thing that comes pre-installed is ASP as it's part of IIS. I would double check that they don't want MSSQL rather than MySQL as MSSQL is usually linked with ASP, although MySQL is a free alternative and MSSQL is expensive!

    That should get you started - do you have any experience of IIS? If you need any help i'd be glad to offer my assistance too. IIS is a friendly webserver to tinker with

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