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    Looking for a server soon

    I and a team of friends have been creating an MMORPG and when we transition from alpha testing to beta testing, we'd like to have a dedicated server on a high speed network. Currently, alpha testing is being done on a home computer with DSL.

    What we will need is full access to the server because of the various software being installed. Plus, server-side patches are also going to be done frequently. If you are a company that provides such a thing, please PM me (I dont know if listing your company here is against TOS, too lazy to read it).

    In any case, we won't be needing the services until January 2003 but would like to prepare for the transition soon. Also, we will need a price quote in the PM

    EDIT: I forgot to mention we DONT need this to be a managed server. We will take care of that. We just need the machine and the network connection. Plus, of course, 24/7 hardware support availablility if something were to go wrong with the equipment.

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    well, can't help you with the server but interested in the MMORPG... is it anything like ?
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    we might be able to get you something Although I'm sure these servers wont be arround but just to give you an idea here is a few servers that is currently offering. We plan to have more like them avalible in the future.
    Pentium III 866MHz
    512MB RAM,
    40GB Hard Drive
    RedHat 7.3
    $149 Setup
    $129 per Month

    Dual Pentium III 1.26GHz
    1024MB RAM
    2 x 80GB Hard Drives
    RedHat 7.3
    $499 Setup
    $299 per Month

    All servers come with
    200 Gig monthly transfer
    NTT/Verio and Cogent bandwidth
    First 5 IPs free, a buck a month each after that.
    optional* CPANEL/WHM $50 a month

    The servers are located in Miami, Florida at a state of the art, carrier-grade datacenter.

    we can accept payment of both paypal and credit card in monthly and yearly payments. If your are interested in working something out or you have questions etc, please send email to [email protected]

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