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    Exclamation Cpanel/WHM Update Alert - Possible Email Freeze

    My WHM/Cpanel auto-updated last night or within the last three days.

    Horde is a new web based email option.

    Since that upgrade and whatever other tweaks have been done, incoming email is frozen solid.

    Won't delivery locally. No error messages being sent to originator.

    Can't unfreeze. Almost as if local part isn't seen.

    Have rebooted and also restarted all applications.

    Anyone else seen this?

    On the Nocster Network.


    Email me on [email protected] if you wish, as main email is frozen!

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    Cpanel is as buggy as an anthill. Last month, the email of several days disappeared because our Host updated to CPanel 5 and the new version had a bug in Spam assassin.

    Hey guys: How about testing your software before releasing it??

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    Rackshack are wise not to touch Cpanel, they have a reputation for quality.

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    I don't understand... how can they charge so much for a product that doesn't even work properly?

    Dare I say that even webCP sounds more reliable and that's still a work in progress! BTW: The webCP coders deserve lots of support for putting their effort into it.

    The only advantage I can even see for CPanel is the fact that it looks good... I wouldn't stake my business on something that looks good yet doesn't always work. - the hosting solutions company

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    Cpanel works just fine. It's unfortunate that they are so irresponsible about releasing new versions. However, the admin can control what updates are done and when.

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    i have yet to experience these bugs and thus far i am satisfied with cpanel...over the other control panels, i still prefer it...

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    Check in the /home/user/mail/ directory. You should see directories for the mail accounts for that account. There seems to some ways around this. Here is what I have found:

    1.) run /scripts/convertemails5 -- This sometimes will automatically correct the problem. Only run this if you have CPanel version 5

    2.) remove the /home/user/mail/ and /home/user/etc/ and then run /scripts/convertemails5 -- The bad thing about this is, it will remove the mail that was delivered. You can make copies of those files and move them back into the /home/user/mail/mailaccount directory. However if there are several accounts, this gets tedious.

    3.) create a symbolic link from the /home/user/mail/ to /home/user/mail/mailaccount/inbox . This will keep the mail being delivered to /home/user/mail/ directory, but it will also be acccessible in the /home/user/mail directory, which is where teh POP software looks for mail.

    I'll admit that these are just work-arounds that I have found, and the CPanel developers should have done some further testing before releasing. Hopefully this bug will be fixed in a future update.

    Hope this helps.

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