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    dedicated hosts

    i'm new to this board (hence new newbie attached to me), and am wondering who you all think is the best place to buy a dedicated server? bang for the buck, so to speak (i know some places offer more than others, but in terms of service and the like). also if they carry ensim, it would be a bonus. if some of the people that have been on this board a long time could answer, i'd appreciate it. thank you.

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    well, after reading other threads, i realize i should be more specific. i am interested in who has a good reputation, offers ensim, and has a decent products. with the rest of the specs i can figure out what i need. i won't name names, but i had a bad experience with a couple of providers, and lost money by not checking the boards for feedback, like most who start out and think they are smart enough to know, only to fall flat on their faces.

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