We have acquired several new servers, but before we begin
utilizing them we have to sell some excess storage and bandwidth
space on one of our other servers. This is your opportunity to get
a fast and reliable custom hosting plan at 50% less than our cost!!!!

Specs : 1.2Ghz intel - 1GB memory - 60GB storage

The server is currently only using about 10% of its resources, we
never overload our servers, we allocate accounts based on useage,
which ensures you superior performance, reliability, and quality service
that you can count on.

We're calling this deal our WHOLESALE BARGAIN,
because this offer simply cannot be beat.

Here's the deal ::

Only ONE CENT per 2MB Storage Space

Only FIFTY CENTS per 1GB Bandwidth

Only FIFTY CENTS per Domain Account

Create your own custom Single or Multiple domain hosting plan NOW!!

Click the link below to get in on this incredible opportunity, depending
on the response and the custom plans created, this special may only be
available for several hours, or could be available for serveral days, there
is a limited amount of resources available, so act now!!


Internet 8000 Network Custom Plan Special

If you have any questions please contact us here

Thank You.