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    Thumbs down Ready to Drop Datapeer

    I have been on datapeer for about 14 months now (NT hosting /w6 domains pointers on one account). As of Sept 2, 2002 with their latest server migration.(3 in 15 months)

    The service was decent for about a year. Then in september (2002) the wheels fell off the wagon as they pulled their 24/7 phone support all together in the middle of their server migration.

    Their new trouble ticket system gives out tickets inconsistently.

    They also pulled back the ability for webmail users to changed their own password.

    The cryptic responses from their remain support staff is unbeleivable.

    They migrated half of my accounts with no notifcation.

    Well... I had to get that off my chest.

    Any recommendations for NT hosting.

    Datapeer is Done for me at least.
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    Optic5 Internet - Telephone & Email Support MSN: [email protected] AIM: optic5I
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    * Datapeer......

    definatly find a new host.....I had a friend who was with them and I was taking care of his sites(25) they made a mistake on setting up his account so they gave him 4 free months hosting....then billed him on the aniversary date....when we complained, instead of fixing the problem they said that the sales rep was not authorized to give the free months and too bad...we move his sites off and did a charge back. Not a nice place to deal with. Support used to be good, still is when you can talk to a human being
    Andrew (Andy) Leavens
    Canadian Hosting
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    I notice that you appear to be based in Canadian. Which is where
    I am and ended up with datapeer because I was with

    Are there any credible hosting outfits in canada?

    Are you hosting with a Canadian host?
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