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    logo design requested

    Hi i am looking for a logo design for a layout i am making called buyerplaza i would be willing to pay 30 dollars for the design.
    the site will be one of those freelance thingy sites.
    i may take more than one logo from more than one person or none, we'll see the quality.
    colors should be :
    any combo of these (white bg)

    6699CC (it should be some sort of blue i think)
    cccccc (some sort of gray)

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    Wrong forum you might want to try it again in the related offers and requests.

    You also might want to check these guys out

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    thanks but i am looking for mockups beofre i commit to paying.

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    Oh alright,
    Well good luck I Am sure some one will do it. I am not too sure how you "mockup" a logo It is pretty much the complete thing.

    You might want to hold a contest since a lot of people are into that sort of thing these days it seems. You could hold a contest in the related offers and requests, I am sure you will get a good reply as well.

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    You should post this thread to Job offers and request. If you search there you will find many designers have ready templates, may be useful for you.

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