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    eclipse graphics

    just launched my site. what do you think? its really my first site in flash, although i've messed around in flash for while...
    honest opinions please

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    not bad at all. a little smoother i would make it.

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    It is still loading after 5 minutes.

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    Its pretty interesting. I generally don't like flash sites, for different reasons, one being no back button !!! I don't like having to dig back to a section I was just in.

    Contact link should have a page with the email listed with links rather than open an email link, being that I can't see the link it has and popped open my outlook was annoying.

    Main page listing says click here for so and so, clicking does nothing. I take it that is being worked on but you did launch the site.

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    hmm to be honoust, when your "loading" thing was on my screen, i thought that was really ugly, but then the site itself loaded and it looked real nice...

    so you might want to fix up your loading screen....
    Nico V.
    KazaaSkins.Com - Now online!

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    Flash sites takes time to load. It is very very irritating when you see loading. Your site looks great with excellent graphics.

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    Nice graphics....Try making the volume on the background a little softer and also the effect volume softer.

    Thanks Good Job

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