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    3 Free Months Of Hosting Helps, After Being Frustrated...

    Let me preface this by saying - after reading what a lot of folks have written bout the hosting company I just switched too, I was somewhat hesitant to come back on here (and get a rubbing from you guys), and say what took place a couple weeks back

    - but if you like a story, have I got one for j0000!!!

    I went on ahead, and called AIT after my debacle with ValueWeb. I always did like them because of their relationship with the military - but stayed away due to some of the info provided. When I called in, I spoke to a rather gruff ol'chap who immediately perked up upon learning my inclination at possibly hosting with them.

    I brought out all the stops. The big one for me was this 6 month contract everyone keeps referring to - and how that has caused folks such heartache. He said that with AIT, I have a 30 day money back guarantee - within which if I so desire, I can cancel my account and leave them. After that, I do fall in line with this hosting contract. (this was the same as ValueWeb, so used to it at this point).

    He also told me that after my initial 6 month term, I then get placed on a month to month billing cycle by which I can cancel at anytime. He said this was new, and that AIT wanted to stand on it's commitment to customer service. I thought this was kewl...

    Next, I asked him about the billing stuff - AND THIS IS WHERE THE HARD QUESTIONS CAME OUT - that if I sign up for this $99 account, am I going to be charged $200? He seemed a bit iritated at that question, but he did address it. Evidently these guys have grown pretty big; and have recently instituded a new billing system which double billed some customers accounts. He admitted it!!! I was blown AWAY!!! He also said everyone who was double billed, had their funds returned - and that they subsequently have worked out those initial bugs. Satisfied, he then....

    ...he then asked me the all imposing sales question, "Would I like to go ahead and sign up an account today?" You see, this is where the story gets really good! I said I would think about and call back later with some more questions. He said ok, and asked if he could transfer me to someone who could record my contact info and keep in touch with me...I said, "sure."

    He transfered me to this young lady named Sharice, who all in all was really helpful. In the middle of our conversation, she asked me to hang on, and I got placed on the ever dreaded - HOLD. She came back on in like 10 seconds and was genuinally excited...she said that I have just been offered three free months of hosting by the individual I was just speaking with.

    Come to find out, the "gruf ol'chap" is the owner of AIT, some guy named Clarence. Evidently he jumps on the phones at random and just talks with people.

    Needless to say, that eliminated any barrier for me (at least at the moment) and I signed up. So far, so good. I am loving the service. I am looking forward to receiving my first bill, but aside from that, I am really satisfied with what all has transpired.

    I will check back in after receiving my first bill (which should be free) and let everyone know things are going. For me anyways...I am pretty happy. I guess the old adage is true, "Good things to come to those who wait!"

    Cheers Chaps!!!!!

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    lol , think he'll do that for everyone?

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    Did he address the thing about the guy who was billed and sued for like $80,000 in overage or something like that?

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    Sounds like a happy AIT customer, just like many of us were when we first signed up. Give it time.... Can't wait to see that first "Boy did I get suckered" message from Big John.

    Good luck, John, you're going to need it!

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    Whats wrong ( the story ) with AIT?
    Walter Landman
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    got to love free hosting!

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