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    Webhosting Questions, Answers, Articles and Support

    Hi Guys,

    Were currently expanding the support section on our website and would like your opinion on what type of articles, questions or any other info, customers might have questions about.

    We know we wont get it right the first time, and a good support library takes time. But we have to start somewhere.

    You can checkout the current one at:

    Now another guy who used to work here did most of it. But I think he didn't do a good job and am redoing it. Thats where you come in, in maybe helping me get ideas for different questions or article ideas.

    Thanks in advance, and credit will be given to anybody whose thing get's used.
    Walter Landman
    Simplicato - Email Hosting

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    here are some topics i get frequently
    -how to change permissions on files and directories
    -how to change DNS
    -how many pages (on avg.) fit into say 1 GB, 100MB and so on
    stuff like that. email me for more.

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