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    Merchant Accounts

    Well, I need a merchant account for my company and I was looking at HostCharge but I didn't understand what this meant.

    International remittance charge (non USD funds) USD 13.00 USD 13.00 USD 13.00
    USA/Canada remittance charge (in USD funds) USD 03.00 USD 03.00 USD 03.00

    What the heck does that mean?

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    i'm not 100% percent sure, but it might be the statement fee ( a monthly fee they just felt like making up) or it might be the fee if the card is declined. hope this helps a bit. maybe check it out at or something.

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    re·mit·tance Pronunciation Key (r-mtns)
    The sending of money to someone at a distance.
    The sum of money sent.

    hmmm... so maybe it's like if I send someone money they charge me.

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    maybe , but they usually take a percentage like 2.5 percent.

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    but then again , now when i think of it , there are some merchants who take a set amount per transaction. maybe you should email them and get it in writing beofre you sign up.

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    Checkout for the fee options of the merchant accounts. Different merchant accounts have different fee structures.

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    It might mean the cost of them sending you the money -- something like they hold the money in a little account for you until you want to withdraw it, and when you do they charge you X amount of dollars.

    Why not email them and ask them? You'll get a better answer from them than from us.
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    remittance is the charge for doing a tranfer to you, e.g. paying you the money they owe you. for instance you have 100 dollars in your account, and you want to be paid that sum, then they will transfer the money to you (to your bankaccount maybe?) and charge you $13 for that, leaving $87 for you to receive.

    I think that is it.

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    Skoop : You got it absolutely right.
    Remittance charges are the cost of sending you the money. So everytime they send you money, the'll charge you $13 for remitting it to you ( sending it you ) by bank transfer. This makes sure you get the money fast and within 2/3 days.

    Else they can mail you a cheque, which I believe is free of charge. You get the complete amount, without deductions, providing you are willing to wait.


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    that $13 is when you wish to withdraw your money from MCC to your bank . they send it twice usualy a motnh . Alternatively you can use their ATM card . which is only $5 amonth .

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