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    Unadvertised Special - No Setup, No Prorated, No First month


    I'm pleased to announce this great unadvertised special available to WHT readers on our Linux 321 Dedicated Server Package

    - No Setup Fee
    - No Prorated Fee
    - No Monthly Fee for the first month

    No gimmicks, no hooks, no spam ... no kidding!

    We're confident that once you try our services and our Appies WebHost Manager Software, you'll agree it's the best Web Hosting Automation Software available. You can find more detailed information about the Appies WebHost Manager Software at

    If this sounds like it's something that would interest you, contact me and I can setup your free trial period for the month of October. You'll be able to setup customers on the server, try all its' features and see if you like it. If you're not satisfied, just tell me at the end of the October and we can simply cancel your account and take the server back - no hard feelings, no out of pocket expense to you.

    This offer is open to the first 5 qualified WHT readers that contact me. What do I mean by qualified? Well to qualify you have to:

    1. Currently offer web hosting on your website
    2. "Sell" me on the fact that you are taking this offer to evaluate our software/products and not just get 30+ free days on a dedicated server

    This offer expires Monday September 30, 2002 11:59PM ET. To take advantage, you have to contact me [email, phone, pm, etc], it's not an offer that is available on our website.


    Gene Salvatore
    866-437-3257 x83

    More than just hosting!

    The details of this offer are:

    Linux 321 Dedicated Server
    - IBM x330 eSeries Server
    - 1.26Ghz PIII Processor
    - 256MB RAM
    - 18.2GB SCSI Drive
    - 30GB Monthly Data Transfer
    - Linux RedHat 7.3
    - Appies Web Host Manager Software
    - 100 SupportFreaks Credits

    *Server is "fee-free" until October 31, 2002.
    * User is responsible for any bandwidth usage over the included amount, even if the overage occurs within the Free Trial Time Period. Users exceeding included bandwidth in the Free Trial Period must pre-pay for bandwidth in 10GB increments. Pre-payment must be made within 5 business days of notification of bandwidth overage. Bandwidth overage pricing is available here.
    *Users will receive an invoice on October 1st. This invoice is for service for the month of November and is due by October 31st. Users discontinuing service before November 1st will not be reponsible for this bill.
    *Users must abide by our TAC, SPAM and No Adult Material Policies.
    * reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion at any time.
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