We have just received 10 base machines that are ideal as personal servers, or development servers at low prices. Spec includes:

- Dell Server
- Pentium II 450Mhz Processor
- 128 MB RAM
- 6.5GB Hard Disk
- 100Mbit LAN Connection
- 15GB Monthly bandwidth
- Redhat 7.3 or your own OS
- Webmin Control Panel
- Ensim Control panel option
- 4 IP addresses
- Free Domain Name
- Free daily LAN backups
- Free DNS Services
- Full UPS system
- 24h tech support/reboots
- 99.5% uptime and SLA

We can upgrade most parts of the above spec, and can do deals on bandwidth if required.

$85 (or 55) monthly with $30 (or 20) setup.

More details are

Any questions etc, feel free to drop me a line, (or reply below) [email protected]