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    Smile Looking for a rate the page script


    i am looking for this script like where you can rate the page and it gives you a average reading when ever someone votes

    here is a demo


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    try looking at

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    i couldnt find it on that im using on html what scipt do i have to check find perl,php etc

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    I dont think its possible to do it with a plain html script. You can use a remote script. The page syou linked to is slow..and its a php page not html

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    would this one work on a htm page

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    Do you have access to a cgi-bin or can you run php?

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    dam u have to pay for this one are there any free ones

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    thanks for the help but im looking for a complex design and it must be smaller similar to the demo i showed but can i thank you for helping me with this thanks a lot

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    You can customize it..and you wont find one like that site because #1 its a php pag and #2 It looks like a nuke site..but you can customize the the size and colors

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    isnt there a java script typle like that. the one u have to pay for looked fantastic but was a real shame u had to pay for it

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    Yea its a real shame ppl spend hours making something then dont give it away for free. But I agree some charges too much. Right Bill?

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