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    Newbie MySQL Question

    OK, I've installed the MySQL package from Pkgmaster. I now need to use PHPNuke on one of the accounts - to do this I assume I need to create a new user in MySQL. The only problem is I'm not sure how to do this. I've managed to set up MySQL on a dedicated server before but it took me a while and I was hoping someone could help me through this to save me a lot of foul ups.

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    Install phpmyadmin.

    It is very easy to set it up. Basically untar the bunch, edit the and enter your root password.

    Then over the web go to that location and there..... you have an easy way to create and maintain users and database.

    Very easy package and contains a clear readme. !

    Good luck
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    Create a new user in MySQL via PhpMyAdmin
    Reload MySQL
    Create the new database
    Go into the 'grants' section and edit the permissions for the previously created user. Make sure you do not give them 'grant' 'reload' or 'shutdown'
    Reload MySQL

    Sometimes MySQL can be a little flaky with this, so if it still gives an error delete the user and go back through the operation from A to Z again. Using PhpMyAdmin it should only take a minute.
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