Hello All,

Maybe someone can answer this for me:

I am using Ensim Site Administrator to administer a website, and I am trying to add a user who will be able to drop files into the public html root. I want to be able to grant others the ability to work on this site.

--When I ftp into this domain as myself, I see a main_website_html directory which seems to be a symbolic lnk to the public web root.

--When I log into the domain as my new (non admin) user, I see a public_html directory but that directory contains [what looks like] the generic Ensim hold page.

I have 2 questions, please:

1. Ok, so if this is a public directory, what is the path to it? I tried http://mydomain.com/myuser and got nothing.

2. Can I create a symbolic link for this user, so that they can cd/ftp into the true public_html directory and modify the production site?

My linux/ssh skills are minimal, to say the least. But I am trying hard to learn.

I hope this question make sense and isn't too idiotic