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    need a sms sending script

    Ok at the moment i am just looking for pricing

    so how much would it cost to create a script to send sms messages from my site??? and how much work does it involve?


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    <checks this is in a requests forum> We're about to launch an SMS service for people just like yourself who want to send SMS from a website.

    Introductory prices start at 5.5p a message and go down to as little as 3p for large volume clients. All prices are in pounds sterling. The SMS gateway we use provides SMS messaging for AOL Europe, so they are extremely reliable and can handle many thousands of requests per second.

    Contact me if you'd like further details. - the hosting solutions company

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    There are some scripts available for free, do a check at - but of course you will need a provider (SMS gateway) to send the SMS...

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    easy to they have a free sms script for anyone on the orange network. Its simple to install..comes with instructions. Uses orange's free website to send em' so it dosent cost nothing!

    Just depends if your in england and if your on orange

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