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    * $2,000 Intel Server For Only $695

    Here it is....
    2u Rackmount Server - Dual PIII 800's - 1 Gig Ram - IBM 18 Gig Scsi HD (10,000 rpm) - Intel L440GX+ Motherboard

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    I'm looking for 1u servers, or else I'd take your offer up immediately

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    Wait, you are selling something on eBay and advertising it here? That's got to be against one of the rules here... Why not just post it up here at your buy-it-now price?


    BTW: What's the catch? The price seems pretty good, even at desktop tower standards.

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    Dannis, a gentle tip - I have seen your offer for 5 times now. You may want to lower the price to sell it. (or tidy up the cable in the picture, it looks messy).


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    Are rackmounted computers generally cheaper than comparable tower models? I would have expected them to be more expensive, given their thin nature.


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    Thank you for your advice...

    Fortunately I have sold at least 3+ servers via ebay that I have advertised on this board. All for prices of $750-$1,100.

    In addition, I did drop the minimum price from $795 to $695.

    Thank you for taking the time to view my auction and I appreciate
    your advice and feedback.


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    In response to WC

    Rackmount servers are generally more expensive than regular towers. Many times the case alone on a rackmount server is as expensive as a decent workstation.

    This machine is used but in great condition. It has less than 300 hours of usage and is very fast and clean.

    There is no catch, I have sold several already for way more than the $695 and I just started another auction to sell another one.

    If you are interested but skeptical, check my feedback on some of the machines I have sold.....ALL POSITIVE!!!!

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    I hope you don't think I was being rude by asking - it was more a noob question but I've never priced rackmount servers before.

    price sounds nice! I'd check it out, but they have ebay blocked here - jerks...


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    Intel server is rather misleading ..

    It's not an Intel server, it's a server using an intel chip.. there is a difference
    Joseph Marcelletti

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    It has an Intel L440GX+ Motherboard and (2) Intel PIII 800 Processors, the only thing it does not have is an Intel chasis. Please note, it does has an Intel certified chasis. That to me is an Intel machine....

    Thank you for your comments.

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