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    * Professional Hosting Template For Sale (good price).

    Professional Hosting Template
    with Rollovers (about us, network, plans, support etc)
    with Splash page.
    Contact me for preview in HTML.

    Main page:

    Splash page:


    - PSD files
    - HTML + CSS files
    - Fonts
    - All optimzed (sliced) images

    Template will not be resold.

    I accept online payments.

    Bid for start: $149
    PM your bids to me!

    Buyout price: $249

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    Jul 2002
    I do like this one. Better than most I have seen here.

    Couple small suggestions keeping me from bidding.

    1) Network pic isn't anti-aliased, looks real jaggedy.

    2) Not sure why, but the blue around the top buttons doesn't seem to work well with the blue of the logo pic or the blue font. By chance, are those pics the mouseover pics? If so, can you show what the look non-mouseover?

    3) No domain search

    Great work though!

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    WildCard thank you for comments!
    All this suggestions will be done if the customer will be.

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    Jul 2002
    Cool! When are you closing bids?

    And what's the source of your images?


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    Originally posted by WildCard
    When are you closing bids?
    When the good price will be
    Or 29 sep

    Originally posted by WildCard
    And what's the source of your images?
    My own discs. Different sources but all legal

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