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    Question Newcomer Questions (please forgive me)

    Afternoon everyone.

    I'm interested in offering domain name registration/renewal services to both my new and existing clients, but I don't want to tie up a lot of funds and initial startup costs into my venture.

    I'm looking for something that offers the following:

    1) Domain registrations/renewals for $10 (or less) USD per annum.

    2) No cost to join a reseller program (I don't mind leaving an initial deposit and having customer domain registrations reducing said deposit, but I've never liked the idea of having to pay a company to do the work of marketing their products/services for them to customers that they may not reach otherwise.)

    3) Private-label reselling (this isn't necessary; however, I'd prefer if it looked like my company were the one selling the domain names directly.)

    4) A centralized control panel that's easy enough for me to manage all customer domains (DNS servers, account info, etc.)

    I also have a question regarding ICANN accreditation: do I myself have to be accredited as a reseller, or is it sufficient for the company whom I am reselling domains for to be ICANN accredited? (I just want to make sure, first and foremost, that my customers are protected and that there is a dispute resolution mechanism that doesn't involve me sitting on the phone for half an hour while a customer justifiably screams in my ear.)

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    This question has been discussed a lot on WHT. Conclusion: enom. If you can't afford paying the high deposit, go with a reseller. You can easily get under $8 rates + the easy to use Registry Rocket for domain registrations. In 10 minutes you can have a simple domain registration website.

    Another solution might be OpenSRS, they are also very good (from what I heard) but their prices are above $10.
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