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    Please recommend host: High capacity/Low Bandwidth

    Hi Everyone!

    Newbie here looking for your recommendations. I would like to create a simple website to host pictures from my digital camera for my friends and family. As such, I need something with high storage space, but the bandwidth can be quite low as traffic will just be me and a few others.

    Not sure what the specs should be--can you guys give me some suggestions?

    After doing some brief searches on this forum, seemed to have pretty good prices for a decent amount of storage space. Anyone else?


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    You can figure out the average size of your pics X the approx. number you will want hosted for your disk space requirements. As for bandwidth just multiply the disk space by the number of times u think ur pics will be downloaded per month. Add a bit of space and bandwith to both just in case. Then post your requirements in the hosting request forums where im sure you will get lots of offers.
    Good Luck!
    Most providers will allow you to move up if you require more.

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