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    Information from Clients?

    Im wondering if people already running a webhosting company could give me some advice on this..

    What type of information do you and should you collect from your:

    1.)Virtual Hosting Customers
    2.)Reseller Customers
    3.)Colocation Customers

    What im wondering is what youve found to be acceptable and just plain overkill. I know that some customers dont like having to provide certain information etc, but some is just neccessary..

    What should i expect to be the norm with this?

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    At a minimum, you need to collect their name, billing address, and credit card information. That is what is required to submit charges on a merchant account with AVS (to help protect against fraud). Anything else is really up to you.

    I also get their phone number and email address for ease of contact. Thats it!
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    I also collect an IP address.
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