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    myIBF Web/Forum Hosting - FREE!

    Ad-Free Forum: $1.75/month
    Forum Hosting: $5.95/month (500 Mb Space, 5 Gb Banwidth)
    Basic Plan: $7.95/month (300 Mb Space, 10 Gb Banwidth)
    Intermedite Plan: $10.45/month (500 Mb Space, 13Gb Bandwidth)
    Advanced Plan: $11.45 (750 Mb Space, 17 Gb Banwidth)

    Read on....

    myIBF has been around for nearly two months and currently host 3400 message boards. To signup for a board is free and gives you an Invision Board.

    An example:

    Official Site:

    Invision Board is a PHP Board, developed by the old lead developer of Ikonboard. Its biggest competitor is vBulletin with its speed and enourmous feature list.

    myIBF has been providing basic forum hosting for removal of advertisments but is now moving into the web hosting department.

    We have three hosting plans and two forum hosting plans available for people to sign up to. They are all VERY competive.

    I will also do custom plans for people as well if you PM me.

    Take a Look

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    pretty good board but starting to add more ads to the free boards, but the server is pretty fast and so is the board

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    No more ads are going to be added, the free service is now making enough to pay back the server.

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