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    set default language for CPanel?

    I created a language file and theme in my native language for CPanel.

    I can set new accounts to use the new theme as default in WHM. but is it possible to set default language other than English (by default) for new accounts too?? so i don't have to modify each account after they are created...

    please post your comments!
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    How did you do that?
    I want to sell CPanel in my native language in the future.
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    it's not that hard... download a theme tarball (for reference)... modify it or make a new one... then upload it...

    theme: /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend
    lang: /usr/local/cpanel/lang/

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    I have exactly the same problem. How can I set the default language for cpanel?

    Any news?


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    is it possible to have 2 languages on the same box?

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    Yes, but you need to have a special cpanel. I got it from

    There exists already a bug report:


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