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    Plesk setup on multiple systems

    Im trying to figure out the new Plesk setup v 5. It appears to allow a multiple server setup but the docs don't really get into this much.

    Has anyone setup Plesk this way? If so, are you using EasyPSA?

    Chris Jara

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    I'd be interested in reading any responses to this question myself. So thought I'd bump this post to see if in the last few weeks someone has been using Plesk 5 on a multi-server setup. I'm also looking at EasyPSA and am curious about the multi-server configuration where that is concerned.

    Thanks... David

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    You know you have to purchase an extra module for this, right?

    Plesk Master is required to connect together different servers running plesk. So if you have 2 servers and want to use the master option, you need 2 plesk licenses and 1 plesk master license.
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