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    M6-5 gives much more space!

    If you are a web designer or developer outsourcing web hosting for your clients, you are loosing significant income. With our reselling plan you can offer - domain registration, web designing, development and hosting, to your clients.

    This is what you get

    - 1150 MB of Disk Space
    - 14 GB of Bandwidth
    - Unlimited Mailboxes
    - 7 Web sites
    - 8 FTP login usernames
    - 1 Anonymous FTP
    - 7 Mailing lists
    - 4000 List users

    Each website you host will have its own mail server, FTP access, stats server and FrontPage. Develop your clients’ web site using ASP, CGI, PHP, VB, Access, SQL, SSL, ASP-components, WAP and Flash etc. You get all this for only $35 per month.

    More information on the M6-5 account can be found here

    To find out more information about us, please visit
    Chinthaka Wickramaratna
    multi-account windows hosting packages

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    more bandwidth and smaller webspace is needed
    thing are not easy today

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    Be careful.

    I just want all users to be careful regarding hosting from the site, I had a extremely bad encounter with them.

    I signed up for a hosting account, but found a better offer and much better tech support from

    I wanted to cancel my account so I submitted the request, i got a phone call from some cheeto guy that barley spoke English and he said he wanted to confirm my cancellation request, i told him yes and to refund my money to my credit card.

    Well a month went buy and i got charged for the hosting again (take note i have already moved to by this time so was no longer used)

    I e-mailed them and told them the situation and to please cancel my account.

    2 more months went buy and i was still getting charged, I sent many many e-mails regarding this with no reply to any of them.

    I called there 1-800 phone number and left messages several times with no reply.

    another 2 months went by ( take note this is 5 months of hosting i had to pay for that i did not use)

    Eventually i called my credit card company, told them what was going on and blocked all transaction requests from the company

    So not only did i have to deal with all that "bs" i was out 5 months of hosting at 19.95 a month with no refund from them.

    thank you for your time,


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