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    Easy, Big hosting

    Hi all, what I'm looking for is a good, reliable place to host the homepage for Burp Fredo Burp Productions, a little movie production company that a friend and I run. All that will be there is a little info about the movies, about us, and the movies themselves. Because of this, I don't need a bunch of fancy stuff. Just

    • A decent amount of webspace (200-300 MB should be fine)
    • reliability
    • decent DL speeds
    • As much transfer bandwidth as is humanly possible.

    Because we'll be hosting our movies there, and the movies range from the itty bitty up to the 80 meg range each (and possibly beyond in the future), we need as much transfer allowable as is humanly possible. For example, We're releasing one movie to the forums in a little over a week (hopefully) and it's about 80 megs. One place I looked at offered 20 gb of transfer bandwidth, which would equal 250 downloads of just that movie. I want MORE.

    So...what can you suggest? I'm thinking of spending about $20 per month, but i'm willing to go a little higher if the deal is good.

    So far the places I've been looking at are
    • via
    • GearHost

    Can anyone recommend any better ones, or maybe recommend or warn me about any of the ones I've mentioned? Thanks again.

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    So you basically want lots of webspace, lots of bandwidth, great service, and lots of features for almost nothing? Gosh I should go to the corner store and tell them i want this, that and this and that for .25. Come on be a little reasonable.. Except to pay at least a buck a gig of transfer (I think most providers pay 2-3 dollars per gig per transfer).
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    Basically yes. What do you mean that's a dream? I CALL SHENANIGANS.

    Seriously, all I need is FTP, storage, and bandwidth. Isn't there some service out there than can offer this for cheap by not having al sorts of PHP and perl and SHHC and all those other acronyms that mean nothing to me?

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    Hi! $20 is not going to do it. Sounds to me that you should go for a reseller account, not conventional.

    I know from personal experience that is cheap and very reliable. Try them. The cheapest account that fits your needs, though, is $50

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    The problem is that your most basic need (bandwidth and transfer) is one of the most expensive parts of the whole process. What you need exists, however it doesn't exist for $20/mo. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Well, I'm not locked into the $20 a month thing, recommend some stuff anyway.

    And as if my wants weren't already high, does anyone know of a service that offers monthly payment? Instead of forcing you to sign up for a year, or for 3 months with a rape-tastic setup fee?

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    Well, you don't seem to need loads of space (you said 200-300MB), however with these movies, do you have any idea of what amount of transfer you'd be looking at needing? How many people download the movies (and how many would download this new 80MB one that you are about to release?). - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Have you heard of the Something Awful forums?

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    maybe you should try the Web Hosting Request Forum , it may give you a better Idea of what you can get at what price , but you need to be specific in what you need and what you want.

    Just a friendly suggestion and welcome to Webhosting Talk

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