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    plesk license for sale

    Hello all,

    I purchased a plesk license for $200 on for a dedicated server, but I don't need it anymore it's for I think 35 domains.

    Any offers let me know the highest bid here in this thread gets it.

    Bidding starts at $75

    Thank you,

    Charles Yarbrough
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    *I think*

    How many domains is it, and what the heck is that picture?

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    How many domains is it, and what the heck is that picture?
    Maybe its his trademark
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    Hello there,

    It's actually 30 domains, oops.

    And the picture is a error I thought it would be visable like a signature.

    Uhh Yahh something like that

    Oh ya, you can upgrade it if you want through the plesk website for the differance in price.
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    You have competition spelled wrong in your logo....

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    Wow! The logo is more important then the plesk license

    Any ideas of another way to get rid of the license.

    Thanks for the spell check

    I think I'll leave it though to help dummies like me to feel like they are popular in some weird way.

    Power to the dummies!

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    Is that a lifetime license?


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    The license if for life.

    Here are the details:

    - PSA 5.0 for RedHat Linux 7.x key
    > 30 Domains

    There is no support from plesk but they have a forum and there is plenty of information on this forum to walk you through the set up.

    Hope this helps



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