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  • FTP

    14 100.00%
  • FP 2000

    2 14.29%
  • FP 2002

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  • WebDAV

    1 7.14%
  • Other

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    Question content upload options

    I am working on the publishing component of my content management system. My question is what upload options do you support. I was hoping to standardize on WebDAV, but a search on this board and on Google didn't find many hosting providers who support WebDAV. Is it supported but just not mentioned in the service descriptions? Or is there some reason why hosting providers don't want to support WebDAV. It seems that most everyone supports FTP and FrontPage extensions. I don't like to recommend FTP because it lacks security. I am not so keen on FP because it is proprietary. But I have to support the options which my customers are likely to have available from their hosting providers.

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    Thanks for not using FrontPage!

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    Originally posted by IT Hosting
    Thanks for not using FrontPage!
    I'll 2nd that

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    Having spent some time trying to configure WebDAV (mod_dav) for a shared/virtual hosting environment I think I know why almost no one is offering it.

    First of all, to my knowledge none of the control panels (CPanel, Ensim, ...) support WebDAV as of yet so anyone offering WebDAV support will need to either customize their control panel or do an end run around it (which likely means increased support hassels).

    But I believe the deal breaker for most shops is file permissions. Unless you're running IIS the WebDAV protocol is likely to be handled by Apache and as such files and directories created via mod_dav will have Apache's file ownership attributes (e.g. the files are owned by "nobody" or "apache").

    If you're the only one using the machine that's no big deal but in a shared environment this causes problems. There are some work arounds but most of them are not acceptable for the average hosting company... You either have to add everyone to the apache group and make everything group read/write (yikes!) or install an apache hack that does setuid/setgid or chown/chgrp per request and run Apache as root (yikes! and poor performance?).

    AFAIK the most viable work-around from a security perspective is to run a stripped down Apache (no extraneous mods, reduced MaxClients, MaxSpareServers,...) per each hosted domain that requires WebDAV support and charge appropriately. Each "WebDAV" Apache process is configured with that domain admin's UID/GID and a specific unique port.

    I'd like to see more hosting companies offering WebDAV support. It seems like the right thing to do and a good way to differentiate oneself from the competition.

    There are several discusions on the dav-dev list that discuss the file permission problem. Here's one that covers most of the issues:

    I'd like to hear if Apache 2.0 will address any of these issues.

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