I'm starting a new forum aimed at VISPs. A VISP is a ISP that is using networks from others, see YourOwnISP.com's thread here for more info on that.

The board is brand new but we have the support of a couple VISPs, a VISP service provider, and a ISP list site already at 24 hours into this... I couldn't find much independent info so I think there is a need. And this is a similar target audience to WHT members.

I've just modified it to display a random banner on each page view. So my offer is simple, I can place your banner code - up to 510 chars on the site for FREE . It needs to be of interest to VISPs though, and I have final say yes or no on a particular ad.

The site is www.VISPTalk.com but the dns is apparently only partially propagated so far. If you want to put a entry in your hosts file it's at (name based so the IP alone wont work).

I can't say how long the banners will remain free. Depends on how long the site remains small I guess. I'm paying for it out of my pocket so if it grows too big, I'm going to have to figure something out.

If you are interested email me your banner code at rfp -at- tangi.net